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Aquaculture International (AQUI) is a peer-reviewed bimonthly journal comprising original research papers, short communications, technical notes and review papers on international aquaculture. The first number appeared in 1993, providing EAS with an important dissemination tool for the scientific community.
aquicover_small.jpg The Journal covers diverse topics, including:
* biology, physiology, pathology and genetics of cultured fish, crustaceans, molluscs and plants
* water quality of supply systems and the environmental impacts of aquacultural operations.
* nutrition, feeding and stocking practices, especially as they affect the health, behaviour, appetite, conversion efficiency and growth rates of cultured species.
* development of economically sound and sustainable production techniques.
* bioengineering studies - design and management of offshore and land-based systems, as well as the integration and application of improved scientific and engineering technologies.
* improvement of quality and marketing of farmed products.
* sociological and societal impacts of aquaculture.

The AQUI Editor-in-Chief is Professor Gavin Burnell of University College Cork in Ireland.

AQUI has an Editorial Board of emminent scientists and over 250 international referees.

The journal is published by SPRINGER .
EAS welcomes review papers and papers related to all aspects of European and international aquaculture.

Furthermore, EAS encourages those members that publish regularly to refer in any of their own papers to recent and relevant AI papers, both published and 'in press' (through the Springer online first service).

Electronic sample copies are provided by the Springerlink service. These pages also give full details on submission, as well as detailed information for authors
AQUI impact 2010 to 2016
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