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EAS SG logo PNGFounded in May 2005 in Norway, the European Aquaculture Society - Student Group (EAS-SG) is developing into one of the major aquaculture student organizations.

EAS-SG is a group bringing together students in aquaculture and related fields from more than 20 countries.

Its aims are to increase the participation of young persons in EAS activities, gather and exchange information related to the diverse fields of research, share work experiences in the sector and to voice student and young persons’ concerns.

Until 2018, the EAS_SG had its own Board and you can see the list of Past Presidents below. But now, EAS_SG has a permanent representative (and full Board member) on the EAS Board of Directors. For 2018-2020, this is Kathrin Steinberg from Germany. The EAS_SG Board has therefore now been replaced by our NATIONAL COORDINATORS. If you are interested in promoting EAS in general and the EAS_SG in particular in your country, and it is not on the list here, then drop a mail to eassg (..at..)aquaeas.eu

EAS_SG has a strong and growing presence on social media - thanks to our Social Media Coordinator Ana Viskovic. You can follow them on the icons below.

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Each year, at our Aquaculture Europe events, the EAS_SG is very active in the organisation of the event and holds its own workshop and (now famous) student reception.
But to benefit clearly from the group, its much better to join EAS.

The student membeship fee is just €30 !!

The EAS_SG network and national coordinators can also help you with aquaculture-related questions, queries or contacts, but this service is only available to EAS Student Members.

We also have an EAS Mentoring Program!



About our sponsor SPAROS:

SPAROS is a spin-off company of the Centre of Marine Sciences of Algarve (CCMAR) / University of Algarve, devoted to innovate in the development of new products and processes for fish feeding and nutrition. We offer the alliance of a strong scientific background in the area of fish nutrition with a flexible pilot-scale feed technology platform to the aquaculture sector.

For more information please visit: www.sparos.pt

Past EAS_SG Presidents:
2005/06 Foundation of the EAS SG; Magdolna Trenoszki, Hungary

2006/07 no active president
2007/08 no active president
2008/09 Goncalo Santos, Portugal
2009/10 Magdolna Trenoszki, Hungary
2010/11 Stefan Meyer, Germany
2011/12 Benedikt Frenzl, Austria
2012/13 Tsjerk Terpstra, The Netherlands
2013/14 Rob van de Ven, The Netherlands
2014/15 Joao Rito, Portugal
2015/16 Antonios Chalaris, Greece
2016/17 Gala Podgornik, Croatia
2017/18 Nuno Leite, Portugal