Katerina Kousoulaki EAStalkDr. Katerina Kousoulaki is a senior researcher at Nofima working as project manager focusing on fish nutrition and physiology and novel raw material processing and application in aquafeeds, novel nutritional supplements and food products.

Katerina will cover "Microalgae applications in aquaculture, preprocessing and documentation of bioactive properties in salmon farming" on Tuesday, June 9, at 14:00 (CET/Brussels time). 

Katerina has 21 years’ experience in project management in aquaculture and mainly marine but also plant raw material development research, with PhD fish nutrition (HCMR, U of Athens, Selonda Aquaculture), MSc in aquaculture and fisheries management (Agricultural University of Wageningen) and BSc in Biology (U of Athens).
Currently she is the coordinator of AQUABIOPRO-FIT (BBI GN 790956), QMAR (NRC GN 268987) as well as other large research projects, and is also participating as a WP leader, in projects related to fish physiology and downstream processing of microalgae and marine biomasses aiming at the development of food and feed products. http://orcid.org/0000-0002-8021-5452

Microalgae, primary producing organisms in the bottom of the food chain, can be cultivated all over the globe, in fresh or salt water, with or without light, to produce energy and essential nutrients for life.
The relatively high microalgae biomass production costs for use in aquafeeds is a practical hurdle about to be overcome! Appropriate pre-processing and long-term use can provide fish quality and production performance benefits that exceed the underlying application costs.

Video is available here.