Andrew Richardson EAStalk webinarsOn September 1, at 14 (CET/Brussels time), Andrew Richardson will present the EAStalk webinar on "InnovaFeed: Scalable Insect Solutions, for Sustainable Seafood".

Andrew Richardson is the Aqua Nutrition Manager for the French company InnovaFeed – leading experts in the commercial insect farming. Their mission is to change the way we feed animals and think about food production systems - by embodying principles of zero waste, circularity and environmental consciousness. Utilising co-products of the agricultural industry Innovafeed grow Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens), whose larvae bioconcentrate low value products into sustainable high value protein and oil alternatives to feed animals. The insect dejections, called frass, are a natural organic fertilizer, which when spread on fields closes the nitrogen cycle.
Andrew has an MSc in aquaculture (ACES alumni), and was a fully funded Erasmus Mundus Scholar studying across leading European universities, he is also National Coordinator for Scotland in the EAS-Student Group. Being a believer in scalable solutions and marine health he is also a Young Ocean Leader for the Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

About the talk:
Roughly describing the current usage and growth of industry - indicating the need for a sustainable and scalable protein source.
Insects: A look at insects as a solution - valorising waste and agricultural bi-products
InnovaFeed: What an insect farming company looks like and an idea of both our products and value chains

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Visit InnovaFeed website here.