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August 17-18, 2011. Trondheim Spektrum, Norway.

The AQUA NOR FORUM is organised by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) every second AQUA NOR, and provides a forum for science, industry, consumers and policy makers to review developments in the aquaculture sector and to discuss the key issues that affect those developments. Organised by the European Aquaculture Society in cooperation with the Nor-Fishing Foundation, SINTEF and CREATE, AQUA NOR FORUM 2011 will addressed one of the critical constraints to the development of aquaculture in Europe – notably access to sites with high water quality to ensure high quality aquaculture products. By up-scaling production systems an increase in productivity can be obtained for any specific site; but this must be compliant with legislation, with regard to fish welfare, with regard to husbandry and especially with regard to the environmental impacts of increased production systems.

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