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Performance of the Sea Bass and Sea Bream Sector
The principal performance indicators of Mediterranean aquaculture – mortality, growth and feed efficiency - have not significantly progressed in the sea bass and sea bream sector over the last decade. They may actually have got worse!

Seabream in cageResulting from an initiative by two of the pioneers of European aquaculture, Bjorn Myrseth and Gustavo Larrazábal, this special one-day event will address the production performance of the sea bass and sea bream sector by providing a forum for discussion of some of the important technical challenges that underlie production performance.

This forum will bring together our scientific and production knowledge to help better explain and understand the issues that may contribute to this position, so as to facilitate cooperation and actions to solve them.

Organised by EAS and EATiP, the event will take place within the Aquaculture Europe 2014 meeting at the Kursaal in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain on Thursday, October 16.
The event targets industry leaders, production, hatchery, technical and health managers, feed manufacturers and other suppliers, scientists and those that follow developments in the sector.

Participation at the event is free of charge to registered attendees of the AE2014 event. For those that do not wish to register for the full event, registration is €50 and can be paid online or on site.
Detailed information on the full Aquaculture Europe 2014 event, registration and hotel recommendations are available on the AE2014 web page.

See the full programme and panellists.




Photo: @FAO Aquaculture photo library/F. Cardia