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Here is the summary video of the AQUA 2018 Special Session convened by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations with support from Cirad (Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement) and NACA (Network of Aquaculture Centres of Asia-Pacific).



Presentations made during the session:

Matthias Halwart : Welcoming remarks

  • Peter Edwards : History of IAA and agroecology in aquaculture
  • Malcolm Beveridge : Agroecology and its application to aquaculture
  • Michael Phillips : Social dimensions of IAA & agroecology
  • Patrick Sorgeloos : Ecological approaches for better microbial management in intensive shrimp farming
  • Yuan Derun : Regional overview of the ongoing work and priorities in Asia
  • Robert Jimmy: IAA and agroecology in aquaculture in Small Islands Developing States
  • Godfrey Nzamujo : The work at Songhai on integrated systems, and a regional overview of the ongoing work and priorities in west Africa
  • Joël Aubin : IAA and agroecology in aquaculture: views from Europe
  • Jean-Michel Mortillaro : Ecological basis of integrated systems: example of Madagascar rice-fish farming
  • Francis Murray : Interim policy recommendations for effective use of probiotics in aquaculture emerging from field work in India, Bangladesh and Kenya
  • Salin KR : Biomimicry in aquaculture
  • Austin Stankus : Aquaponics for development, an example from the Caribbean
  • Diana Edithe Andria-Mananjara : Malagasy integrated aquaculture (rice-fish farming, tanjona)
  • Sidiki Keita : Guinean Fish-Rice culture
  • Manoel Xavier Pedroza Filho : Integrated animal-fish farming in Southern Brazil: practices, challenges, opportunities and difficulties
  • Valerio Crespi : Desert aquaculture
  • Harrison Charo Karisa : Practices and resource use efficiency of Egyptian farms applying aquaculture-agriculture integration
  • Wenresti G. Gallardo : Aquaponics farms in Oman
  • Chanthaboun Sirimanotham : Strengthening integrated aquatic plant and animal farming in the rice fields of Lao PDR
  • Xingguo Liu : Raceway-in-pond aquaculture system
  • Sunila Rai : Increase fish production in semi-intensive ponds through enhancing periphyton growth
  • Thanh Lam Phan : Integrated mangrove-shrimp farming in Vietnam
  • Liying Sui : Brine shrimp production from coastal salt ponds
  • Yongxu Cheng : Rapid development of integrated rice-fish, rice-mitten crab and rice-crayfish farming in China
  • Zhongwei Liu : China's increasing role in promoting integrated farming through South-South Cooperation

Closing remarks by Árni M. Mathiesen, ADG-FI, FAO

AQUA 2018 celebrated aquaculture’s role as one of the most important food industries worldwide. Held 25-29 August in Montpellier, France, the event attended by 3003 participants from 109 countries brought together scientists, practitioners, students, industry and civil society to highlight the latest global developments in aquaculture research and innovation.