eumofaThe European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture Products (EUMOFA) is a market intelligence service of the European Union. It works to increase market transparency and efficiency, providing data and analyses on EU market dynamics for supporting business decisions and policy making.

EUMOFA has just released the latest editions of the “Species analyses” and “Country analyses”, which gather all the case studies developed within the 2019 EUMOFA Monthly Highlights series.


Species analyses

Screenshot 2020 01 31 at 12.38.16For key information on biology and management, as well as data and trends along EU supply chains for important commercial species, see Species Analyses. Products analysed include caviar, fishmeal and fish oil, European hake, and whiting.





Country analyses 

EUMOFA country analysis

For analyses on wild and farmed production, processing, trade and consumption in a range of EU and non-EU countries, see Country Analyses. Among the markets examined are Ireland, the United States, Russia, and Argentina.





Find additional case studies on many more species and countries in the two publications, available in English, French and Spanish.